The Graduation Ceremony for 2014’s Entry Students Was Held


The Graduation Ceremony for 2014’s Entry Students was held.

This ceremony was held at Fakhro’din As’ad Gorgani’s Hall. Graduates were accompanied by members of the scientific committee, the executive committee, and presidents from various departments. Dr.Gholam Reza Khosh’far congratulated the newly graduated students, and once again reminded them of their further duties as learners, that they should, regardless of their situation or ranks, always do their best and contribute to the society. He also added that our university will now supply graduates in their pursuit of jobs. He concluded his speech by wishing the students all the best. Ayatollah Jalal also reminded them of their religious duties as adults, and quoted some wise words from Imam Ali. He requested that the present audience use what they have learned as students. This ceremony was consisted of various events, namely a pop concert, reading Qur’an, playing several clips, and etc.

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