University Goals

University Goals

Vice Presidency for Education and Graduate Studies

1. Improving and continuous upgrading the university education level;

2. Achieving the level of graduates' knowledge and skills tailored to the domestic and foreign business market;

3. Upgrading the optimal level of science production in specialized courses of the university;

4. Trying to achieve top ranks of third-class universities and reach the second and first ranks;

5. Expanding specialized training with the strengthening of Islamic ethics, the spirit of freethinking and creativity of university graduates.


Vice Presidency for Research and Technology

1. Concurring with the top universities in the production and development of science, technology, and innovation and utilizing its achievements in line with the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran;

2. Creating a knowledge-based, justice-centered culture and enjoying the presence of highly educated and elite specialists for obtaining top scientific degrees in universities of the Iran;

3. Strengthening and expanding demand driven applied studies;

4. Commercializing the research achievements by strengthening and expanding knowledge-based companies and research centers;

5.  Increasing scientific-research culturalization to upgrade the software movement and science production at the university;

6.  Enhancing the international university's capabilities.


Student and Cultural

1. Improving the level of students’ welfare services and increasing their physical and mental health;

2. Providing support for free-thinking, theorizing seats, think tanks, and centers for scientific discourses based on scholarly critique;

3.  Developing a religious attitude towards culture of science and learning;

4. Having creative and cultural perspective to strength academic institutions based on the development of entrepreneur's culture

5. Institutionalizing the social commitment, discipline, law-abiding, and the spirit of effort in graduates for spreading the justice, well-being, and community health;

6. Expanding and deepening of synergic interactions with community and cultural centers at the regional and international levels;

7. Planning and formulating appropriate criteria for political and cultural activities of students, faculty members and non-faculty members for the purpose of upgrading the religious knowledge and thoughts;

8. Supporting talented and creative students in order to improve the quality of university education.


Vice Presidency for Administration, Finance, and Development

1. Targeting financial support and investment in the university to enhance efficiency and accountability system;

2. Improving the livelihood level and social status of faculty members and non-faculty members;

3. Establishing a meritocratic system and some tasks to increase responsibility and accountability in all areas of the university;  

4. Expanding the areas of income sources autonomy and efficiently managing them by attracting a variety of sustainable resources;

5. Improving, developing, and balancing the infrastructures, facilities and equipment in accordance with university policies and strategies;

6. Revising and reforming the organizational structure and improving the pyramid of combining university human forces.

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