Objectives and Programs specified in Vice Presidency for Research and Technology

Objectives and Programs specified in Vice Presidency for Research and Technology

The prime objectives and programs of Vice Presidency for Research and Technology are as follows:

1- Managing  and oversee the implementation of all research and technology affairs, libraries and university databases, in accordance with the related acts, laws, and regulations;

2- Planning and policy making to upgrade and increase the level of scientific and international cooperation;

3. Giving priority to innovation in the theoretical areas and to the required and applied research;

4. Developing, strengthening, and directing of approved research projects by giving priority to targeted applied studies and based on the country’s outlook document and development plan as well as the comprehensive scientific plan of the country;

5. Controlling and supervising university research processes based on the calendar specified in the approved research projects plan;

6. Doing required studies to meticulously evaluate research activities and assess the annual research performance of the university for presentation to the president of the university;

7. Making necessary communication with the domestic and foreign institutions in order to cooperate in the research affairs and the exchange of scientific services;

8. Cooperating to provide scientific, cultural, and social services, and holding scientific seminars and conferences as well as performing all affairs related to research and service contracts between the university and other institutions;

9. Collaborating in the implementation of short-term research courses for non-university institutions;

10. Planning for the use of faculty members from studying opportunities inside and outside the country (including seminary and academic centers) according to the approved criteria;

11. Preparing the research program of the university, presenting the goals and priorities of the research in the form of mid-term and long-term programs and supporting the establishment of centers for development and entrepreneurship, and science and technology incubators to be presented to the university's specialized research council;

12. Evaluating the university activities within the framework of country’s development plans based on the goals of the country’s outlook document and development plan and the country’s comprehensive scientific plan in the higher education sector for presentation to the board of directors;

13. Identifying and defining joint scientific and research topics and planning to provide facilities by allocating the necessary credit for the scientific and research cooperation of the university, and creating the appropriate field for reaching the religious sciences and humanity sciences tailored to the field of the university.

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